“Who insults metrostroiteley so will understand”

The author of the anthem of the Crimean bridge “I score pile…” Konstantin Khomenko told to “Fontanka” that raised the fame of the author of the acclaimed songs, and those who want to earn it and you’ll regret it.

"Who insults metrostroiteley so will understand"Konstantin Khomenko//Collage/"Fontanka"/official site of the bridge.Russia

The lines “I score pile, I pile hammer up to the mark, to failure, albeit not easy, if not immediately” today with a genuine smile and happily sings just lazy. The national anthem of the Crimean bridge left in the nation after the revelation of the author of these lines, a design engineer from St. Petersburg Konstantin Khomenko, sung musicians Denis Maidanov, Alexander F. Sklyar, Olga Kormukhina and actor Dmitry Kharatyan.

Chief project engineer of the Institute “Giprostroymost – Saint-Petersburg” Konstantin Khomenko categorically not talking to the press. However, to “Fontanka”, which is also not alien to the problems of the working man, poet and bridge-Builder made an exception. Nervously and with difficulty choosing his words, he said that one can find in the song (about the pile and various ways of “plugging”) is something my friends in Ukraine had not, and those who dare to insult the bridge builders, sort out a man.

At the same time, colleagues of the author “I score pile…” gave the readers of “Fontanka” another poem all about the same Crimean bridge. “It is, of course, imperfect, but written from the heart,” the modest bridge builders. But more on that later.

– Constantine, you’re pleased with the success of his song “I score pile…”?

Actually, the song is still in 2016 recorded.

– And how was she born?

– Strum-strum the guitar. Naranjales something.

– And as the song got to the official Youtube channel of the Crimean bridge?

– I guys sent just. We communicate at work. They loved it. Said something with this song.

– Further you have not followed the fate of his work?

– Next, I enrolled in the Studio. Here in St. Petersburg. This was my first experience.

– The Studio who has found paid?

– These questions are not for me, all organized by information center “the Crimean bridge”.

– Doesn’t hurt that all have become so widely discuss the song just now, although it was 2 years ago?

– What offense? Yes, I am the author, but to me such glory is not necessary, I have a different sphere of activity – I designer. The more this is the second wave of discussion. In 2016, survived the first surge of interest.

– With friends, you probably discuss. Congratulations?

– In different ways. More positive reactions.

– And I understand those who perceive negatively? Those who don’t like it.

– Everyone is different. Love cannot be. Two years of this story.

– Now covered Maidan, Kormukhina, Sklar and Kharatyan. Usually successful tracks then replay with orchestras or do they dance remixes. That is closer to you

– Neither that, nor that. And why do it?

– To your song learned by those who have not heard. Rock love alone. Symphonic music – other. Techno – and others.

– Those who it was intended for, and so you know about my song. Why do I need others? It was intended to my friends – those who build. Workers, and engineers.

– That is, for a narrow use by colleagues?

– Of course. And who else can be this song?

– After her performance on the big stage and network resonance it became popular.

– She sang for us, the builders. The concert may 15 – for us it was.

– And all “popular” now.

– Well, okay. Any emotions I have on this point. It’s nice of course, but, by and large, anyway. It is news, which will be held in three days. You know it better than me.

– It depends. Despite what the news is. This song is obviously going to live longer than three days.

– She already lives for more than 2 years. And for their – for our project participants – and will continue to live. And then will be forgotten. This is normal.

– Sites with chords popular songs long ago published your text. Will you be happy when people will start to sing a song during the feast, a bonfire?

If they know what the song is, Yes.

– And what song? There may be unknown?

– So everything will be clear.

– Or have there hid some mystery in the text?

I do not know. Maybe (laughs).

– The veterans of the scene, which sang your song the other day, changed the text. You have sung at the very end: “To mark, to failure! For! For! For!” And they sang: “To the level to failure! Yes! Yes! Yes.” Noticed?

– Naturally.

– The meaning has changed?

I do not know. Possible.

– Your “For! For! . “Associative refers to such slogans as “For the Motherland!”. Replace the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” impoverishes the ambiguity and variety of interpretations of your original text.

– That’s what you perceive.

– And you as the author of that invested in the original text?

– Hard to say. I never thought about it when he wrote it.

– The secret?

– Everyone perceives as he perceives. You think there is a subtext. Perhaps there is some subtext, context. Someone will not see anything. Let everyone decide for himself.

– And he can change the text?

– Why not?

– It is possible, and other words in the text to change?

– Then because it will be a different song?

– The last verse you sing that your credo differs from credo “to score ammo machine”. You are against the war?

– Of course. All can and should be peacefully resolved. Why fight?

– Your friends in Ukraine. how did that song?

– I have no friends there. But about the reaction from the other side I guess.

– I don’t know. Tell.

– Here you go into the politics. Someone so proportioned head, he thought all about that. But maybe after all not about that.

– Wonder Russia got involved in the war?

– You mean like in 1941?

– No. There is not to get involved, it was impossible after we were attacked. I’m talking about the Donbass.

Again politota. Somehow nobody cares, when it just focuses on the fact that people work! But when people are fighting all at once is interesting. Why so? It should be about normal, ordinary people! And all about politics.

– You it’s a shame that the working man – not a hero?

– Of course. Those who work with hands, head do not discuss. One discuss politics.

– And as you would in Prime time on television to discuss the work of builders – so it was all interesting?

– I don’t watch TV. But I know that our building just the TV is bypassed. Therefore, your interest in my song.

– Do not watch TV?

– Watching football.

– Back to the working man. I realized that you – that such people was more. Your song promotes this.

– There was no such problem, of course. But Yes, engineering is necessary to maintain in different areas. Construction, IT, nuclear technology, mechanical engineering. Any case where the brain needs to work something out. A lot unfortunately it’s always been.

– Unfortunately many, only mechanical engineering is in fact destroyed.

I do not know. I have friends who are doing this

– And who owns the rights to the text? You as the author to earn something?

– These verses I have presented. What do you mean earned?

– In Russia, the authors of publicly performed works can get through the Russian author’s society, part of the funds received from the performance.

– I don’t understand what needs to ask for money.

– For the public performance of your composition.

– I do not think that someone will sing this song for commercial purposes. It was written and performed for my fellow builders. You said yourself – she is now folk.

– If someone tries to capitalize on the song your’re unhappy?

I really have no idea how it is possible to earn.

– Will come up with. The song is popular.

– Well, then with them will understand, those who I this song was a gift.

– And indeed, bridge builders – serious guys!

– Of course! If someone they will insult, they will respond. A lot of them, my fellow builders.

Nicholas Nelyubin,

especially for "Fontanka.ru"

PS At the time of the search of the author of the hymn “I score pile…” his colleagues modestly remarked “Fontanka” that the call sing poems under construction at the time the bridge was joined by Konstantin Khomenko. His colleague Marina Viaznikova from the office of the Institute then, in 2016, too, dedicated a poem many kilometers crossing. We publish this rejected the national anthem. Who knows, perhaps it will one day sing for the veterans of the Soviet and Russian pop.


(author Marina vyaznikova)

Panticapaeum, Tmutarakan!

Two banks, two good brother!

Souls torn fabric:

They divided once.

In the dark ages, under wraps years

To connect they wanted.

And here’s a distant glimmer of light,

Appeared to them Monarchia grace.

Then the Great war

Interrupted the Royal plans.

And here the Soviet Union

New – oceans.

Devastation, hunger and war,

The Germans build something.

And again the Soviet Union

Leads to fight the heroes!

And after Stalin orders

Rose bridge on wooden piles.

Well, the ice destroyed it at once.

And then – a chain of events strange.

Post-war trouble

The imperfection of technology.

Union collapsed forever.

It will not help even the gods.

Came other times

And with them new hopes.

United a nation again!

We with Crimea together as before!

And the bridge through the Kerch Strait

Became need people like the air.

And piles reliable construct

The new project was created.

Not terrible mud bottom

Corrosion and ice piles.

In the movement of all of the,

Builders – experienced people!

The Foundation pile at the supports

And bored piles,

To withstand water pressure,

All the designers calculated.

Taman Peninsula – here

The beginning of the highway crossing.

Then Tuzla twist.

Remained only a year before entering.

Taman and Kerch! There are building a bridge

Forever you connecting.

SGM Bridge, Giprostroymost,

And all Russia dear!

N. N.

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