What’s wrong with “death” and “resurrection” by Arkady Babchenko

What's wrong with "death" and "resurrection" by Arkady Babchenko

President Petro Poroshenko announced the resurrection of Babchenko birthday of Ukraine and put his family’s security. Journalists forced to leave the competition in obituaries, now, try to formulate their attitude to what happened. According to Babchenko, SBU learned of the impending attempt on his life in March, and to participate in the RAID suggested a month ago. “This month I saw how guys worked, they dug the ground nose, as the Buffalo plowed. All this month, we were, we thought, worked, acted,” he tried to explain, but the news of the assassination caused less issues than the news about the hoax. The police the evening of may 29, left a tip — something is wrong.

That on the threshold of his apartment, killed by a leading Crimean Tatar channel ATR Arkady Babchenko, has officially informed the police of Kiev. As the motif was named the professional activity and civil position. In the afternoon the next day, 30 may, the security Service of Ukraine declared that the journalist is alive, and the world has witnessed operational combination. At a press conference, law enforcers said that the killer chose to murder Babchenko cooperation with the SBU, which had detained the organizer — also Ukrainian. According to Kiev, the Russian secret services recruited citizen, who was not only responsible for Babchenko, but also to procure caches of weapons for future terrorist attacks. Babchenko was planned as the first victim of the thirty.

The place of death cannot be changed

First about the shooting in the back in his account in “Facebook” wrote in 21:17 journalist muzhdabaev. 21:34 the Ukrainian journalist Iryna Somaliska confirmed killed. 21:36 Kyiv police said that “the ambulance doctors called by the single number 102 and said of the deceased in their hands the citizen of Russia”. 22:11 Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko told about “for bread went,” and again emphasized: “the Heart of Arcadia stopped in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.”

Similar told reporters and the official speaker of the national police Yaroslav was Trakalo.

Therefore, when the Network appeared the photographs of a bloodied body, has arisen the first question is why the corpse lay in the apartment?

Man with beard

Less than three hours, at 23:59, netpolice of Ukraine has published the “sketch” – pencil sketch with hand-written signs of the suspect: 40-45 years old, medium build, belly, white beard, dark blue baseball cap, denim jacket, jeans. Later handwritten search was removed from office, but the explanation, whose portrait has not appeared.

What's wrong with "death" and "resurrection" by Arkady Babchenko

Noteworthy is the fact that all messages on the websites and accounts of official agencies were published in the Ukrainian language, and the signature to “sketch” in Russian.

The wife is the last to know

Resurrected at a press conference Babchenko asked for forgiveness from Olechka “for the hell that she went for these two days” what journalists came to the conclusion that the wife did not know about staging. The police said that an ambulance was called by the wife and that she can’t question due to the shock. A family friend, journalist Yuri Mazyrski, I’m sure the woman was aware of. “That’s who we are until four in the morning was comforting who drank Valerian. That is, the wife Babchenko was sitting next to a fake blood stain on the floor, everyone knew and kept to us nothing to tell. Moreover, it is also we tried to console,” he told Ukrainian colleagues.

In social networks is now wondering: is not able to distinguish a live from a dead husband or a great actress?

As proof of involvement of Moscow, the SBU showed the dossier, which allegedly received the killer: two pages with a biography, a description of the activities, passport data, addresses, accounts, telephone numbers and Bank cards. Most of the information from this evidence public, including payment details, which the journalist was put under most of his posts. Alarmed gallery in the header personal Affairs, where the first shot — passport photo Babchenko.

What's wrong with "death" and "resurrection" by Arkady BabchenkoTo view in full size, click the mouse

“I was doing that, when he received a passport, when there is in 25 years? This photograph, which is only in my passport and only the passport office… it Became clear that the information comes from Russia that the information comes from, apparently, the public services, as I understand it, because this information could only be obtained of special services and only in the passport office,” he said.

On the personal page in Facebook posted nearly a hundred photos, of which two-thirds of the portrait. Approximately two thousand unique images give search network on request “Arkady Babchenko”. The number of videos with performances of the journalist calculate difficult, on the night of may 31, only the news aggregator Google gives about 125 thousand links.

It’s not even that the killer without the need for the photograph of a young Babchenko. The question in the number of applications for registration of cash deposits, loans or visas, after which it is known, banks and consulates remains a photocopy of the passport.

“As far as I know, 40 thousand dollars. I’m good, listen,” said Babchenko. The head of the SBU Basil Gritsak called the amount of 30 thousand, specifying that as a Deposit, the organizer passed by only half.

On the website of the SBU published video or two. On the ground the man in a white shirt and wring their hands operatives in civilian clothes. The second dated April 27. In the car two, they think out loud dollar bills. Consistently pronounced the numbers “thirty” and “ten” – in total there are forty-hundred dollar bills that can not be 40 thousand Babchenko, but not like 15 thousand Gritsak.

Who is who and what gave on April 27 to four thousands of dollars? If you take the word Babchenko and to prevent that the frame 40 thousand, it turns out, the killer was paid to the performance that, first, contrary to typical procedure assassinations, and secondly, the question arises why the organizer at the same time and not delayed. It is for fixing a transfer of money to special services organize staging.

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