Volgograd hacker arrested for theft through Android app

In the Volgograd region detained a member of the hacker group, which with the help of the virus in the mobile application stole from Bank accounts of citizens of up to 500 thousand rubles a day. This was announced by the company Group-IB, specializing in information security and assist the interior Ministry in solving the crime.

32-year-old unemployed from the city of Volzhskiy, whose name was not called, has already pleaded guilty. He was charged under articles “swindle” and “legalization (laundering) of money acquired by other persons a criminal way”.

According to Group-IB, a Trojan horse virus, which carried out the theft, was disguised as a mobile banking application “Banks at a glance” for Android, where users could upload details of their Bank cards. From 2016 this application distributed through the spam, Internet forums, and the official play store.

Getting the data card users, hackers transferred funds from their accounts in small amounts, entering SMS codes to confirm the operation, intercepted the phones of the victims.

On average, hackers managed to steal daily from 100 thousand rubles, but by the beginning of 2018 the amount of damage increased to 500 thousand rubles a day. Part of the money into a cryptocurrency for safe withdrawal and concealment of traces of crime, told in Group-IB.

Member of hacker group arrested by the police, was previously convicted under article 222 of the criminal code (illegal circulation of firearms).

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