Trump has canceled a meeting with Kim Jong-UN in Singapore

The US President Donald trump has canceled a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Letter trump published on may 24, on Twitter White house.

We will remind, the meeting of the two leaders was scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. Trump writes that the last time Kim Jong UN had allowed myself to “hate speech” in the US, so the summit can not take place. However, if the President of North Korea will change his mind, he can always call his American counterpart, said trump.

A letter from the President to Chairman Kim Jong Un: "It is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting."

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) may 24, 2018.

We will note, today, may 24 in the DPRK is indicative dismantle the only nuclear test site.

Himself Donald trump has repeatedly extremely rude comments about Kim Chen Yne: he called him "a short man with a rocket" and "the animal that destroys its citizens". North Korean leader by word in a pocket too did not climb – trump he called "crazy American man".


We will remind, on April 27 the talks were held between leaders of North and South Korea. According to their results, Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In said that the war between their countries will be no more.

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