The war came back for Babchenko

The investigative Committee of Russia has acted in tandem with the Kiev police instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of murder of the journalist Arkady Babchenko. A year ago, he fled from Moscow, promising to return to the tank under the NATO flag.

The war came back for

Arkady Babchenko was killed in the capital of Ukraine in the evening on may 29. According to police, the unknown several times shot the journalist in the back when he opened the door to the apartment. The Ukrainian authorities have stated that they consider two versions: a professional activity and civil position. Traditionally among the suspects are the Russian secret services. Statements were made by the journalistic community, international organizations, political figures. Russian official urges Europe to look to the regime, whose “bloody crimes with total impunity have become routine”.

Russia’s investigative Committee announced the criminal case even before the police of Kiev. “Over the past few years on the territory of Ukraine was already killed several Russian citizens: journalist Pavel Sheremet, the ex-MP Denis Voronenkov. The investigative Committee does not intend to ignore violent crimes against citizens of Russia”, – said in a statement.

The Russian foreign Ministry also reacted to incoming information about the “armed attack” on “Russian citizen journalist A. A. Babchenko, permanently residing in Ukraine”.

“The level of physical violence and murder against media workers in this country is steadily growing, and their investigations do not lead to the punishment of criminals. Bloody crimes and total impunity have become routine for the Kiev regime”.

Foreign Ministry demanded that “the Ukrainian authorities to make every effort to prompt investigation,” adding that he counted on “the relevant international institutions and NGOs” who “take the investigation under your control.”

My condolences and hopes for a European human rights organization was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky:

“Today, the safety of every person on the territory of a neighboring country is under threat. Kiev literally shaking from killing. In 2015, was shot dead near his home journalist Oles Buzina, in 2016 — blasted in the car of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in 2017 — shot the ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov.

To stop these thugs are not going to. And, most likely, killing friends and foes, the Kiev government will be to blame in Russia. Is not she to show herself and to admit that he made the anarchy and lawlessness that hatred in the state reached a critical limit”.

The war came back for BabchenkoA sketch of the killer, published by the Ukrainian police Photo: a frame from the video

Today, the representatives of the Russian authorities called Arkady Babchenko, Russian journalist. In December 2016 at him more often, there were calls to revoke the citizenship. The occasion was the review of the crash over the Black sea of the military Board the Tu-154: “I Have no sympathy, no pity. I’m not expressing condolences”, – he wrote in Facebook.

The social network by that time was to Babchenko the only platform for publishing. In the framework of its project “Journalism without intermediaries”, he was extremely prolific, commenting on every significant event in the country. His remarks were cutting, lack of halftones, it is often impossible for citation.

In journalism, he came in 2000. By that time, it was already two wars. In the first Chechen campaign Babchenko participated as a soldier in the army. In 1999 he returned to Chechnya voluntarily, and two years later retired with the rank of guard Sergeant. About his military period, he wrote: “people do not shoot, reasonable initiative showed, from orders not shirked, trying to be closer to the kitchen and away from the boss, he had his own opinion, sometimes thought. Without the injuries and awards.”

With medals and wounds all came together while working as a journalist. Babchenko started by the war correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, were then a series of channels. “The decent places didn’t take me from indecent left by himself, could not settle anywhere, removed the base mass consumption documentary-style jingoism for RTR, in the basement of the China-Town were assembling the truth about the October’ 93 for NTV, worked half a year in the “Army Store” with Dana Borisova on the Ground, a couple of months squeezing your butt fluff in the “PostScript” on TVC, did the movie for “Star”, sculpted epic stories about the construction of the garages on County cable until the nest of vipers called TV is not worn out completely. Gone,” he wrote in his autobiography for the magazine “Snob”.

Three years earned a fish is, and then settled in “Novaya Gazeta”. South Ossetia in 2008, Kyrgyzstan in 2010. From the “New”, by his own admission, was fired for carelessness. Have since shared their thoughts on social networks, calling it “Journalism without intermediaries” and posting details for donations. A volunteer went to the victims of the flood in Krymsk, passed by events in Istanbul, where, broken, he was deported as a spy.

First experience in the literature were the stories about Chechnya (“Ten in a series about the war,” 2002), three years later came “man of God”, and in 2006 published his major novel – “Alkhan-Yurt”, which translated into a dozen languages. Arkady Babchenko — winner of several most prestigious literary awards. Critics spoke of him disparagingly, calling his writing a level of zero and primitive, but leaving to him the right to wear the name of the first soldier, who wrote about the Chechen war.

In journalism Babchenko was more popular — the Russian Union of journalists awarded him the prize “For courage and professionalism”. “Journalism without intermediaries” let’s not mince words. In 2012, after the events on Manezhnaya square in Moscow, the Investigative Committee was instituted against him criminal case under article “incitement to riot”, but never reached court. Babchenko permanent said about coming in his address threats. And in February 2017 announced that he was temporarily leaving Russia, but will definitely be back to Moscow on the first tank under the NATO flag. Neither in Poland nor in Israel work was not. In October last year, he was given airtime who moved from the Crimea to Kiev, the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR.

The war came back for Babchenko

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The last entry Babchenko in the social network was the memory of Donbass events of 2014. “Four years ago, General Kulchytsky took me on the helicopter. Because of the overload. There was no room. The overloaded chopper hard off the ground and almost hitting the chassis over the top, went on Karachun. Two hours after this photo it was a hit. Killed fourteen people. And I was lucky. Second birthday, it turns out”, – he wrote a few hours before his death.

The incident shocked the OSCE representative on freedom of the media. Harlem Desir called on Ukrainian authorities to “promptly and thoroughly investigate the circumstances of this murder and bring the perpetrators and customers to justice.” Arrested in absentia by a Russian court Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook in the first hours of a hypothesis that the crime can stand the Kremlin’s security services, which eliminate persons who are “hindering and continue to poison the minds of Russians the truth about what is really going on in Russia and Ukraine.” This statement in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation called predictable and reminded that Kiev told the same and after the death of the journalist Pavel Sharamet, and after the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov, only later these versions were declared insolvent.

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