Russia is ready to increase the number of participants of SP-2 and keep the transit through Ukraine

Russia is ready to increase the number of participants of SP-2 and keep the transit through Ukraine

During the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF-2018) on Friday at a meeting of Business dialogue "Russia — France" Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to expand the composition of the project pipeline "Nord stream-2" at the expense of European companies, reports RIA Novosti.

"The French company involved in the Engie "Nord stream-2". We will welcome other participants, including in the face of Total. Can expand this list by other European companies, because the project is truly pan-European"— said Putin.

The Russian President noted that Russia has no plans to close the transit of gas through Ukraine, if it is economically justified, reports "Interfax".

The Russian side is ready to negotiate with the Ukrainian partners, said Putin.

According to him, Russia sells gas pipeline project "Nord stream 2" not in order to bypass Ukraine, and to offset in Europe the shortfall in volumes of own gas production.

"Pipeline gas supply in this case more profitable than the purchase of LNG. The fact is that when we talk about the project "Nord stream 2", referring to falling production in Europe and in the Netherlands and in the UK, the shortfall in volumes by European manufacturers needed something to replace it. The surest and economically reasonable option of replacing Russian pipeline gas"— said Putin.

"Professionals in this field know that it is advisable to implement the liquefied natural gas projects — for example, the supply in the United States, India, and other remote markets. And at certain distances and with a certain amount of supply of the best can only be pipeline gas, so all of our pipeline systems associated with the main consumers in Europe, competitors have little. Of course, if Europe wants to remain competitive and doesn’t want to buy at exorbitant prices from some other manufacturers"— said the President. "And mining, and shipping at such distances and with such volumes allow us at least 30% reduction in gas prices, which technically can be delivered from the United States"— said the President.

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