Russia and France signed an economic agreement

Russia and France signed several economic agreements following the talks, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. In particular, the agreements concern nuclear energy. The French President arrived in St. Petersburg for international economic forum.

After talks, the two leaders answered reporters ‘ questions. Putin noted that Russian-French trade actively develops.

"France is our traditional partner, the mutually beneficial relationship which we cherish, trying to develop them actively. Good interact with our foreign Minister, good — sectoral ministries. Are exchanges between their parliaments and the public, — said the Russian President. — In the negotiations has paid great attention to economic issues. Noted with satisfaction that last year the trade turnover increased by 16.5%. In January-March the bilateral trade has increased by 25%. The total volume of Russian investments in the French economy is 3 billion, Russia — $ 15 billion".

Also Putin and macron talked a lot about the international situation. So, the Russian President promised to work together in order to bring closer the positions of the US and the DPRK. Putin called denuklearizatsii the Korean Peninsula "the question of a global nature". According to the Russian leader, Moscow hopes that the meeting between trump and Kim Jong UN will take place. In addition, Putin said that the Iranian nuclear deal is necessary to keep as Tehran fulfills all obligations as confirmed by the IAEA.

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