“People were making love on the dance floor, drinking and dancing”

"People were making love on the dance floor, drinking and dancing"

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On Ibiza hosted the international music conference the International Music Summit (IMS) is an event organized by the popular DJ Pete Tong, which annually attracts the best DJs around the world. To participate in the IMS was also able the finalists of Burn Residency 2018 — competition for young musicians from different countries who received training from the recognized masters of electronic music and to play in the best clubs of the island.

This year’s Burn Residency mentors speak German Tunisian Loco Dice, Swiss-Chilean Luciano and Ukrainian Nastia, and among the finalists, in addition to budding DJs from Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Poland, was the Russian Roustam.

In addition to supervision professionals and the opportunity to win a cash prize of 100 thousand euros finalists fell open season in Ibiza. The party is traditionally held only in the summer, after which the island for several months empty. The winner will perform in Dalt Vila — the historic site in old town. Ibiza as the best place for club career — in the material “Tape.ru”.

“Gomorrah Of The Mediterranean”

Owned by Spain, the island of the Balearic archipelago, is the best destination for party-goers. Club capital Ibiza town was in the 1970-ies, when the places of gatherings of hippies with their beach orgies began to build the first super clubs: Club Ku, Pacha, Amnesia, Es Paradís. They still keep the hippy spirit of freedom, so manivshy tourists from the 1950s, when the island was opened for international travelers and Ibiza became famous as the place with the most wild parties.

Tourists here have developed certain traditions: Wake up in the evening to spend the night in one of the clubs to see the sunrise at the Café del Mar — and the authorities turn a blind eye. Unpunished for freedom Ibiza was nicknamed the “Gomorrah of the Mediterranean” — and this despite the fact that the island is teeming with world heritage sites of UNESCO.

“There were no laws”

In honor of the archipelago called a separate genre of electronic music — Balearic (aka Balearic house/trance). It was invented by the British, who came to Ibiza on holiday in 1987. Paul Oakenfold, johnny Walker, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway decided to take a week off away from London, but happened to be to converted into a farm club Amnesia, first tried ecstasy and opened up a new world.

“There were no laws: people were making love on the dance floor, drank and danced,” said Ulysses brown, owner of the on-site bar Amnesia.

Danny Rampling recalled that all four have changed a lot in the first night in Ibiza. They all have a new appreciation for popular music in the mixes used only on that moment DJ club Alfredo. In England then all played the same tracks, as Alfredo put it, that British DJs seemed inappropriate: in his sets mixed Latin American tunes, Bob Marley, the hits of Prince and George Michael. House in England in those days only played in gay clubs, but here he freely sounded on the dance floor. It was the time of the Berlin wall and glasnost, told Alfredo, and the Europeans found in Ibiza that they were United in a common impulse of love and freedom.

“Then we went back to the Villa. It was weird. We stood by the pool, held hands, listened to the track Art of Noise — Moments in Love. We were relaxed and full of love, I thought that all of this will change the world,” said Nicky Holloway.

The world has really changed. It is believed that with this journey started the rave movement, which for several years took first Britain, then Europe. Visited Ibiza DJs came in branded t-shirts and stacks of flyers, and soon the three of them opened their own clubs Spectrum, Shoom and Trip, which became a breakthrough for the English club culture. In their creations they tried to revive the spirit of Ibiza.

The major clubs are among those that have defined the look of Ibiza in the 1980s, are still working. One of the local super clubs (capacity of such establishments numbered in the thousands, and then tens of thousands of people), formerly Ku Club, which is now called Privilege, listed in the Guinness Book of records as the biggest club in the world. He was the first in Europe polysexual night school.

Now in the clubs of Ibiza are the most well-known DJs from around the world, many of them have their parties in one of the days of the week. The Italian Marco Carola comes here every Friday with his project Music On, which is held at Amnesia, and this is one of the most expensive parties: at the entrance ticket will cost 90 euros.

Contingent unpredictable: in the club Pacha in the night you can meet 70-year-old granddaddy, actively pritoptyvaya in rhythm mixed hits of Rihanna and the White Stripes. They say that Ibiza welcomes with open arms all.

“If you make a career of the DJ, then you somehow have to play in Ibiza — says the Ukrainian Nastia, who is one of the curators of Burn Residency on June 2 going to play in the decade of the “ARMA 17″ in Berlin. — I’m here to play really like — Ibiza for me too frivolous. But it really is the perfect place to build a career — in any case, in the end, all the DJs just get here.”

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