Kirsty Coventry: “the IOC is implementing a programme Olympians, which spends $ 500 million”

The head of the athletes ‘ Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Kirsty Coventry responded to the proposal of the German athletes about the change in sponsorship policy of the organization.

“The main task of the IOC is the Olympic games, and therefore the $ 2.5 billion sent to the organizing Committee for the Games every two years. Thanks to the Olympics, every athlete has the opportunity to Express themselves to the world, regardless of where he was born.

The remaining profit goes to the international sports Federation, which organizes competitions for athletes and national Olympic committees to support athletes to prepare for competitions.

Also, the IOC provides the Olympic solidarity program, which spent $ 500 million in the past Olympic cycle. Through this program supports educational and social projects carried out by the financial support of athletes.

I am the athlete that has used this program to support – for several years I’ve received the Olympic scholarship, without which I would never have managed to prepare for the performance at the Olympic games,” said Coventry.

IOC President Thomas Bach has invited the German athletes at the meeting to discuss the funding model of Olympians, and also noted that 90% of the profits from the Games organization gives to the development of sport and support the Olympic athletes.

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