For the Russians to open a hot line on diseases of the thyroid gland

Medical “Laboratoriya Gemotest” and the international Alliance of patients 25 may organize a telephone hotline on issues of thyroid disease.

Ask any questions and get advice will be from 9:00 to 18:00 room 8-800-550-13-13, toll-free in Russia. To answer questions about the thyroid will be professional consultants laboratory.

World thyroid day is celebrated on may 25. Thyroid function affects mental abilities, sleep, appetite, physical activity, body weight, strength of bones and skeleton, heart and other internal organs, sexual development, skin and hair, as well as the ability to bear children. Failures in the center of the endocrine system have been reported in 2% of the planet’s inhabitants, and some regions of Russia — 10%.

In 2016 Novosibirsk doctors operated on the patient with the thyroid gland, is 50 times higher than the norm. The tumor appeared at the pensioner 33 years ago.

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